Monday, June 19, 2017

Green womb of the Woods

June wind combs the landscape, igniting stillness to action. Quietly sitting in the green womb of the Woods, I listen. A masterpiece is sounding. The melody of Birdsong never ceases, not day or night. It only changes theme. The trills and pulses of Insectsong, signal time. Morning comes, the Dragonflies hum and Birds flurry. Hot, mid-day sun starts Flies buzzing. Night falls to the Crickets whose rhythm and timbre soothe like gentle purring of a much-loved Cat. Rising moons invoke silhouettes of Whipoorwill, a pair of Owls, of Coyotes deep in the thick. Even when it’s still, and the hissing of the Leaves become silent, Nature speaks: Acorns fall, clacking Branches along the way until landing with a crisp puff upon tissue-paper Leaves. The snap of Twigs beneath a Deer hoof. A visiting Treefrog. A rustling Rodent.

There is nothing that brings deeper love and respect for Nature than by living in it. The Universe makes so much more sense when the cycles of Life are clear and present. Death makes more sense. Healing seems more possible. Hunger is the guiding force of behavior.     

Nature’s beauty – and the curiosity about it – is not only satiating, but filling. When Sunset after Sunset is the prettiest of all, lusting for something more is obsolete. When each and every Day reveals a newly discovered Bug… or Plant, or Bird, or Disease… boredom has no room to exist.  The lessons are endless. The limits, boundless. The joy, irreplaceable.

There is nothing that brings deeper love and respect for Nature than by living in it. A place becomes a Community when relationships are developed between it’s tenants. A frenzied Bumble Bee in the outhouse becomes a regular. Spider, the ally, crouching patiently in it’s corner, always on patrol. The Hummingbird pair, who visit daily, become friends. Even not-so-desirable Critters gain respect for the very simple fact that they are alive and want to thrive, too. Love is the power which fuels this incredulous ballet between Energy, Matter and Life. Earth spins like a giant, spherical amphitheater, projecting an endless multi-media performance out into the great void of the Universe. It’s been happening for millennium, it’s happening now, and it will continue to happen for longer than a brain can fathom.

Every single sound is miracle that it can even be a sound at all. Every. Single. Sound.